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FEELWORLD Germany is dealer for all FEELWORLD products in Europe.

Our european headquarter is located in Ilsede, which is near Hanover. We deliver FEELWORLD products to all european countries, authorized dealers and end customers. We although do the support and after sales service for Europe.


Our slogan ist:


"Satisfied customers are our best advertisement!"


If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us at any time. You can contact us via email, phone or fax.

Olaf Groeneveld




FEELWORLD Field Monitors  are often  used in "Professionell Broadcast" scene for many years nows. A field monitor, although used in a manner similar to that of a production monitor, has a different “mindset” in that it is designed for use outside or on location. As a result, these units are built to expect some rough handling and battery packs are employed for greater mobility, although the ability to plug into an AC outlet often exists as well. Main features:


  • best quality

  • very good price

  • professionell support / after sales service

  • CE-norm


FEELWORLD FPV monitors are used for any form of aerial videography. The most important feature of the FEELWORLD FPV monitors is that it does not switch to the "blue screen" when the signal gets weak. This allows you to fly much further without losing the image. When there is no video input, the monitor just shows static, it never turns blue or black. Main features:


  • best quality

  • good price

  • no "blue scree"

  • sizes from 5" to 12"

  • CE-norm


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